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Life is a gesture of reflecting and emptying.

Hi, I'm Emmaline!

Ever since I was young, I was entranced by words and fascinated by the world we could build with words. I write about stories growing up in Malaysia, my cancer, parenting, lives in general, and short fiction. I write under a pseudonym because I have had bad experiences being stalked when I was a teenager. Never again. You can read more about the meaning of my name here.

When I was younger, I thought to live a full life is to try to gain and accumulate things. You hold everything tightly to keep them safe, and to make you feel satisfied.


Now, life and my cancer have taught me otherwise. There's a phrase in Chinese 放空 that means that you "let be emptied". I interpreted it as "letting go and being empty". I started letting go and letting myself be emptied. It's only through the process of letting go that I find I have gained my freedom. And it's only by being empty that I find the space to let the important things come in and to make space for them.

This is the space where I come to release my emotions and thoughts. I hope my words and my actions will keep reflecting what's inside of my heart. By continuing to reflect on myself, I aim to be emptied and, be free.

If you have stumbled across here, I hope you will stay a while to read, to reflect. I hope my words will bring resonance to you. 

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