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A Gentle Embrace

buildings and trees' silhouette in the mist.
The stillness and beauty of a world plunged in millions of molecules of water.

As if knowing this world needs a baffler between the piercing sun, the ever-presenting noises that permeate our world, the overwhelming flow of constant ongoing

The universe cloaks us gently in its shroud of mist

Under the veil cars slow down we become more aware of our distance from those around us tread more carefully with each other realizing, the significance of another human being in our proximity

Has the clouds descended upon us is the dream in the sky now finally something within our grasp, our touch? These millions of tiny droplets of water, suspended in the air they relight the fire of wonder in the children’s eyes

A fairytale’s scenes and stories unfolding in their minds as we speak the mysteries of this world and its possibilities are for them to construct, bend, invent freely

My child pointed to the sky to our far right and said quietly, “Look.”

The usual orchidaceous sunrise now a soft glowy amber orb As if a Knowing Being has swathed it in a grey robe bedimmed it with a touch and whispered, Hush

As if knowing the world needs obscurity to see beauty again the universe conceals everything with a layer of softness it gathers us into a gentle sigh speaks in its muted tone: See and seek

We are invited to be soft, to dream again To dry the corner of our eyes to dampen temporarily our sorrow Our souls are held closely to a still

Everything is muffled even the pain in my heart dulled to a slow drum

Standing by the ugly strip mall of my child’s counseling office In the whiteness of the penumbra I feel The susurrus of a tender tendril unfurling: A pinprick of hope


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